Branch Update

Updates from ‘The Branch’ 

Payment for additional hours (update 01/11/18)

Police staff have their contractual terms and conditions negotiated nationally by the Police Staff Council. These terms and conditions are set out in the PSC Handbook of Pay and Conditions.

Changes to police staff terms and conditions were agreed with effect from 1 April 2017. Accordingly, we introduced elements of the new handbook, such as updated maternity/adoption leave provisions and revised mileage rates for casual users. Our duty and pay systems are fully integrated, meaning the force needed to make changes to this system before we were able to implement changes that specifically revise payments linked to working hours, such as overtime rates and the threshold at which overtime is paid.

This work has now progressed and the next phase of implementation can be achieved. In consultation with us (UNISON) the force intends to apply the following change from Sunday 28 October 2018, resulting in payments for working additional hours being paid at the following rate:

  • Monday to Sunday – time and a half
  • Public Holidays – double time

The force continues to work with the software provider to secure full implementation of Section 6.1 of the PSC Handbook 2017 regarding the revised threshold for overtime payments, and the other overtime rate reductions.



Rumours – (20th October 2018)

The Branch has been made aware of a number of rumours regarding the financial position of the Force.

Recent advice given by the Chief Constable about ways we can all save money should be seen as practical steps we can all take to ensure we make our contribution to cost saving. They should not be seen as an opportunity to start or spread damaging rumours that will cause people to worry unduly.

Like all public sector organisations we are continuing to feel the squeeze of public sector austerity cuts. This has meant some difficult decisions are having to be made and restructuring and realignment of service provision around the Force needs to be given due consideration.

Unison are continuing to work with the Force Executive and Directorate Heads to ensure we can minimise any detrimental impact on the workforce. An example of this is the Front Office Counters review which started with consultation on the preferred option on the 19th October. There will be no immediate change to the Front Offices whilst consultation takes place and the Front Office Staff remain employed with Staffordshire Police.Before being unduly alarmed by rumours, which will most likely be untrue, Unison members can discuss any concerns they have by contacting the branch via email or by phoning the branch office during normal office hours. We will continue to represent Unison members throughout the change process to ensure the force is able to make the changes needed whilst ensuring the best outcome for staff.

Many thanks, Rob Birch, Branch Secretary