Meeting / Chat with Line Management

What to do when a chat with your Line Manager turns into a meeting 

 (update 02/11/18)

As a union we fully encourage Line Managers to chat with their staff as they are usually best placed to notice changes in their staff’s behaviour or differences in working habits.

These chats enable Line Management to ensure the welfare of their staff is dealt with in the first instance before possible capability issues escalate.  Sometimes a ‘chat’ over a coffee is all it takes to put someone’s mind at rest.

However, if a staff member is called into a meeting described as a chat but is presented with a written plan or evidence has been produced by the Line Manager, this is not a chat.  We would class this as 1st stage informal capability.   The Policy states that a member of staff is entitled to representation at all stages of capability, this includes an informal stage.  The Police Staff concerned has the right to stop any meeting and request Unison representation.  Although if they are happy to continue that is the member’s prerogative.  We do ask if they wish to continue they must update the Unison Branch regarding the meeting.