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This web site is designed to help you to locate information and services available to you as a member, or potential member, of the Staffordshire Police Branch of Unison.

Whether you are a member of Police Staff or staff for other employers such as Kier, Boeing or our Catering staff in block 7.  As long as you work within Staffordshire Police and we have secured a recognition agreement,  this union is for you!

UNISON is the biggest union in the Police Service, with over 50,000 police staff members in forces in England, Scotland and Wales.

Every year UNISON’s trained representatives help thousands of employees who work within police premises.

UNISON give you expert protection and advice in the following areas:-

  • Post Incident Procedures
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Grievances
  • IPCC investigations
  • Professional Standards
  • Capability Issues
  • Representation at meetings with management

We also offer unparalleled collective representation on terms and conditions and pay, and a whole range of great member benefits.

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6 days ago

Staffordshire Police Unison

*PCSO Members*
It has been brought to our attention that, despite the implementation of the new shift pattern, PCSO’s are being asked to swap and deviate shifts.
Our stance is that PCSO’s need to make a stand and work the shifts you’ve been scheduled to work. If the shift pattern is not fit for purpose then this needs to be proven, if people swap and change on a regular basis then all the Senior Command Team will see is that the shift pattern works and nothing will change.
*if a swap or deviation suits you at the time then by all means volunteer for it, but don’t make it the norm and only do it if it suits you. You need to know your days off 12 months in advance so they can’t force you to work on a day not originally scheduled.*
You will be supported by your branch should you need assistance or representation with management

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1 week ago

Staffordshire Police Unison

Respect x ...

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