We Are Police Staff !! (Message from Alison Sims)


As some of you will know I sit on the national Unison Police & Justice Service Group Executive representing the West Midlands Police & Justice region.

One of the discussions we have had at our last meeting was around Unison’s upcoming Police & Justice campaign ‘WE ARE POLICE STAFF’ which will be launched at the P&J conference in October.  The campaign aims to raise the profile of police staff across the UK.  This will include a media and social media campaign.

Unison National office are intending to target ALL areas of work done by police staff to publicise this and will be by way of videos, photographs and interviews.   An official photographer will be used to take photographs of staff in different forces.  Regions have also been asked to identify cohorts of staff who are willing to be photographed.

I am keen for our region, in particularly Staffordshire, to get ahead of the game and try to secure some celebratory publicity for our staff as part of this campaign.

If you and your teams/colleagues would be interested in representing our fabulous police staff in this national campaign would you please contact Claire Bruus to express your interest.   I am planning on submitting our interested parties as early as possible to give Staffordshire Police Staff the best chance of being represented.


Alison Sims, Assistant Branch Secretary, Staffordshire Police Unison