Unison Advice for shift workers re changes to shift patterns

We have had queries from members lately regarding a change in shifts which include rest day patterns and or changing shifts to unsocial hours.

We wish to ensure you are aware of the rules of such changes as stated in the Police Staff Handbook.

 Rest day patterns cannot change without at least 1 years’ notice and you are entitled to know your start and finish times within at least 3 months’ notice.  If your start and finish times are changed for a particular duty and you are not explicitly informed then it is your choice if you wish to continue doing the changed shift. The DMS notification does count as explicitly informed.  However, if no DMS notification is sent then you have not been informed of the change in start time and it is your choice whether you wish to do the changed shift or the original one.

 It is also worth noting, if changes of hours take people into unsocial hours, night and weekend working –  if you are not contracted to work those hours this change cannot be done without agreement of the staff member and it is at their own discretion.

 If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.