Unison Welfare

Financial assistance

If you are a member and you are experiencing financial difficulties, whatever the circumstances, There for You can offer you support.  Click here for further information

Wellbeing breaks

Wellbeing breaks can provide welcome relief from stress and respite from difficult circumstances. We can help you towards the costs of a break, depending on your financial situation.    Click here for further information

General advice

There for You provides a confidential service for members over the phone or in person if you are experiencing personal difficulties.      Click here for further information 

Branch welfare officers

A branch welfare officer is a member who has volunteered to be the local representative of There for You. They are often the contact person for There for You staff at national office.  If you would like to Staffordshire Police Branch Welfare Officer to give you a call, please email branch12388@aol.com

Support There for You

There for You relies on the help and support of volunteers like you to give vital assistance to people in need in the form of debt advice, listening and support, financial assistance, breaks and holidays, and personal advice.

Unison Lottery

The Unison Lottery is run to support Unison’s own, There For You, the charity that is there to help Unison members  through the difficult times in life.   For as little as £1 you could win great cash prizes every month and, at the same time support Unison’s Welfare’s vital work.  Please click on the link for further information. https://unison.charitylotteries.co.uk