Post Incident Procedures (out of hours support)

Post Incident Procedures (PIP) are operated where, following contact with the police, someone dies (or is expected to die) or suffers injuries that are life changing or potentially life changing.

Attending a PIP is entirely your choice.  We are fully supportive of the process, however for you to be able to receive the full support by a Unison PFOA accredited Rep during a PIP process (which is lengthy) this will now need to wait until normal office hours so we can offer you the support you need.

During a POST INCIDENT we will be able to advise and support you during the whole process until it has concluded.   Please be aware the whole process can be timely.

If you, as a subscribing member, are involved in these PIP procedures your representative will call the national Unison solicitors, Thompsons, who have their own 24 hour PIP legal helpline on 0808 164 9332.   The helpline is open 24 hours and is free to call (although some mobile service providers may charge).

It is important that you do not make any statements or handover any personal items before getting legal advice.

During The Investigation

You will either be regarded as a suspect or a key police witness (you can’t be both).   UNISON will ensure that your rights under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) are followed and will work with your force’s Post Incident Manager (PIM) to ensure that you are treated fairly and that your welfare needs are met.

It is very important that we point out that you must not confer with your colleagues, even if they are involved in the same process, regarding the incident as any future accounts or statements you make must be your honestly held belief.

PLEASE NOTE – Staffordshire Police Unison, nor Thompsons Solicitors, are unable to represent non-members.

To access Unison and legal services you must have been a member of UNISON for at least four weeks before the incident happened.