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This web site is designed to help you to locate information and services available to you as a member, or potential member, of the Staffordshire Police Branch of Unison.

Whether you are a member of Police Staff or staff for other employers such as Kier, Boeing or our Catering staff in block 7.  As long as you work within Staffordshire Police and we have secured a recognition agreement,  this union is for you!

UNISON is the biggest union in the Police Service, with over 50,000 police staff members in forces in England, Scotland and Wales.

Every year UNISON’s trained representatives help thousands of employees who work within police premises.

UNISON give you expert protection and advice in the following areas:-

  • Post Incident Procedures
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Grievances
  • IPCC investigations
  • Professional Standards
  • Capability Issues
  • Representation at meetings with management

We also offer unparalleled collective representation on terms and conditions and pay, and a whole range of great member benefits.

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The ballot forms for the Police Staff pay deal have been emailed to all members this morning - please make sure your voice is heard and vote! Naughty elf can’t vote as he doesn’t subscribe 😂 ...

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Staffordshire Police Unison

There are loads of benefits to being in UNISON besides support at work when you need it. Find out more about car insurance deals for members! 🚘 🚙 🚗 🚖 🚕 ...

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The ballot in relation to Police Staff Pay will be sent out on Monday 3rd December. Details are below:-


PSCTU/04/2018​​​​​​​28 November 2018

Police staff members of UNISON will be invited to vote on the final pay offer for police staff for 2018.

The three unions, as the Trade Union Side of the Police Staff Council, are putting the offer to you without any recommendation. This means that we are leaving it to members to decide.

The reasons for this are as follows:

1. The final offer revises an initial offer which was made back in September 2018, but does not go far enough for the unions to positively recommend it to you

2. Police staff pay and allowances have only risen by 5.2% in the seven years since 2011

3. Over the same period, the cost of living has gone up by over 23%

4. The retail prices index (RPI) of inflation currently stands at 3.3% (October 2018)

5. But, if we are to improve the offer, it would have to be on the basis that members were committed to undertaking serious and sustained industrial action in order to improve it.

At pay talks which took place at the Police Staff Council (PSC) on Monday 29 October, the Police Employers made a final pay offer for 2018 for police staff in England and Wales to the Police Staff Trade Union Side.

This follows an earlier offer in the negotiations which the Unions had gone back to the Employers on 29 October to seek to improve.

The final offer is:
• An increase of 2.0% on all pay points on the PSC pay spine backdated to 1 September 2018
• An increase of 2.0% to Standby Allowance from £29.46 to £30.05 backdated to 1 September 2018

• The removal of pay point (£16,479) as of 1 September 2018

• To agree to discussions on police staff annual leave entitlement in the PSC Pay and Reward Working Party on a without prejudice basis

• To agree to discussions on police staff apprenticeships in the PSC Pay and Reward Working Party on a without prejudice basis;

• We note the legal proceedings initiated by the Police Federation in respect of the 2018 Police Remuneration Review Body recommendations. In the interest of reaching a prompt agreement we agree to the timely re-opening of the 2018 PSC pay negotiations should there be any change in the 2018 pay award for Police Officers.


There will now be a consultation period during which each of the the three unions will ballot members on the offer. There will be two options on the ballot paper:

1. I agree to accept the final pay offer for 2018

2. I reject the final pay offer for 2018 and am willing to take serious and sustained industrial action, up to and including strike action, in order to seek to improve it.

If a majority of members indicate that they wish to reject the offer and take industrial action, such action could only come about via a second formal industrial action ballot.

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AGM booklets and 2019 diaries are going out to all subscribing members via the internal post. Please bare with us, it takes a couple of weeks to get them all sent. 👍 Any issues please contact the branch. ...

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