Members Update – advice

Members Update – advice


We hope the below information is of use to you so you are aware of what you are entitled to as a Unison member and also guidance on frequently asked questions to the Branch.

Meetings with Line Management/Unison Representation:-  We have noticed an increase of calls from Unison members who have been invited into meetings with their manager under the auspices of a quick chat, but the meeting has then evolved into the member leaving with an improvement plan or further actions which the member feels are negative to them. Although you do not need Unison attendance at every meeting you have with a manager, if you feel that the meeting is developing into a discussion about your performance, competency or conduct you have the right to halt the meeting until such time as a union representative becomes available. An example of where we would attend with you is in all stages of capability, attendance support meetings, disciplinaries, ethical interviews etc. It is the duty of the member to inform us of any such meetings but management should give you adequate notice to arrange representation. If you have a meeting please give me a call on Ext 53667 / 07753229775 so representation can be arranged.

Social Media Use –  Whilst we acknowledge all staff members are entitled to a private life and are entitled to freedom of expression, the nature of your footprint on social media posts should be considered and the impact of such posts which could be made public and shared with a wider public audience. Police Staff must adhere to the standards of professional behaviour in this regard and ensure that their activity on Social Media does not compromise their role as a member of Staffordshire Police. Staff should be aware that posting, sharing and engaging with material on social media that is discriminatory or otherwise clearly offensive in nature could be seen as a breach of Standard 9 (Discreditable Conduct) – Police Staff behave in a manner that does not discredit the service or undermine public confidence in the Police Service.


Staffordshire Police Unison Internet and Social Media – Did you know that Staffordshire Police Unison have a website ( where you will find information that affect you as a Unison member. There is a news section as well as a members only access area.

We also have a Facebook page and Twitter Page.

Have your details changed? – If your details change, such as your home/work addresses, job title etc please let me know so the Unison membership system can be updated. Periodically we send out freebies to you but if we don’t have your correct information you may not receive it. It is also important to let us know if your salary changes as your Unison deductions are based on your salary.

Near Miss – We need to remind all staff, if they are involved in a near miss incident these needs to be reported as soon as practicably possible.

Expense Claims – We have been advised that supervisors have been requested to double check expense claims to ensure accuracy. This is a force wide initiative so if you have yours checked you are not being singled out.

Financial Advice (Unison Members) – If any Unison member would like Financial Advice please contact John Duffy on 07535 991722 or via their contact portal:-

Legal Services (Unison Members) (You must have been a member for 4 weeks prior to the issue)

As a UNISON member, you can receive free legal advice and assistance for:

  • Post Incident Procedures Representation by your branch (24hrs a day 7 days a week) (accessed via your UNISON branch)
  • Employment law (accessed via your UNISON branch)
  • Free 30 minutes (not work related) telephone legal advice (Contact 08000 857 857)
  • Personal injury – at or away from work, on holiday or on the roads (Contact 08000 857 857)
  • Serious injury – including brain injuries and spinal cord injuries (Contact 08000 857 857)
  • Industrial disease or illness (Contact 08000 857 857)
  • Basic will writing and reduced rates for more complex wills and conveyancing (Contact 08000 857 857)
  • Criminal Law Assistance – For assistance where you are facing work-related criminal charges please contact 08000 857 857 or in an emergency outside of UNISONdirect hours, call the UNISON 24-hour criminal helpline free on 0800 587 7530. Thompsons Solicitors will help to defend you should you have work related criminal allegations.

UNISON members’ families are also covered for:

  • Personal injury – away from work, on holiday or on the roads
  • Reduced rates for wills and conveyancing


Full List of Membership Benefits

For a list of all Unison Membership benefits please follow the link below:-


We hope this has been of assistance to you.


Kind regards, Claire Bruus, Branch Coordinator