Branch Health & Safety Representatives

The following representatives are trained in Health and safety matters.  For any workplace inspections, contact/arrangements should be made through Claire Bruus via the Staffordshire Police internal email system or via external email to

Name Approximate Area
Pete Jobling Cannock
Rob Birch, Alison Breakwell Hearn Court
Mark Bridgwood, Emma Humphreys, Robert Guthrie, Diane Robinson, Mark Simon Stoke on trent / Hanley /Newcastle / Staffs Moorlands / Smithfield
Karleen Salmon-Denson  Wombourne
Robert Butler, Cath Goodfellow, Paul Coogan, Mark Harrison Weston Road
Gary Hall, Wesley Jones Control Room
Diane Robinson Etruria
Andrew Poxon South Staffordshire
Alison Breakwell Stafford